*The Beginning of Life on Earth*

Many atheists including scientists and people in the field of science don’t believe in God who is said to be the creator of all things or the universe. Atheist scientists believe that the life on earth existed through the process of the so-called evolution. Evolution is a theory where the first organism was developed from a non-living matter. Then, this organism changed into other different forms of organisms which produced different kinds of living things – plants, animals, insects as well as human. They say that this happened without an intervention of a designer or creator. Is this really true? We should know that many scientists including chemists agree and accept that chemicals cannot create life from non-living things. This was the finding from many experiments they have done. The Awake magazine (issue dated on January 2015) of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society reported that animals and human are formed from a fertilized egg and that inside an embryo, the cells multiply and form different shapes and functions to develop a particular part of a body and that the evolution concept cannot explain how each cell can know and learn to form and complete a part of the body and where it will position itself in the right place of the body [just as what boggling on my mind before until now]. Also, the magazine stated that scientist have seen that in order to develop a kind of animal into another kind of animal, there must be changes in its molecules of each cell. It was reported that scientists do not understand how to form a simplest or basic cell in the process of evolution (Awake, January 2015, p. 5 – Tagalog issue). This would mean that every kind or type of living organisms has its own properties which are different from the others. The DNA molecules of cells of a particular type of a flower (e.g. a white rose or a red rose) and a bird (e.g. a white dove or a black crow) are different to each other which cannot be produced or brought to exist by chance of evolution. Thus, the evolution of a particular kind of organism into another organism is very impossible to happen. In fact study shows that the probability it might happen is very little and is negligible (i.e. less than 1 %) according to a science report. There is a reason to believe that life on earth began to exist by the will of a great designer or creator. In fact the Bible states that God [Jehovah] created all living things according to their own kinds (Genesis 1:21-25).

*The Beginning of The Universe*

Did the universe exist without the intervention of someone? Did it exist by chance? The entire universe with its galaxies shows that it is guided and defined by the law of gravitation. All galaxies are in their own respective position and are moving yet they are not rumbling in any direction. If this would not be the case then a big catastrophe to the universe will happen and the universe will not continue to exist for billions of years. This proves that it is very organize and is structurally designed and controlled by a supernatural force which cannot be happened by chance or without the intervention of someone who is great with power and understanding. Let us consider our solar system. Our sun is the center of the solar system and the planets are revolving around it in their own orbital path. Basically, if the planets and moons appeared by chance , then it would be impossible to see them existing as to what they are now having their perfect shapes and distances to each other and continuously achieving their own positions in their own orbital path revolving around the sun. How can by chance as believe by atheist scientists prove that their masses and sizes are relatively connected with each other and that their fixed distances occurred only by chance in its unchanging perfect system? Why planets have elliptical orbits revolving around the sun? Why it should not be just a circle instead of an ellipse? For the eight planets (i.e. considering not only one) and Pluto to revolve in elliptical manner is one good reason to say it did not happen or began by chance but by the will of intervening one. Why do the Earth need moon? It is because if there is no moon for Earth then the Earth will wobble or move in swaying, shaking or in trembling way because the moon of Earth exert gravitational force to Earth making it to rotate in its own axis in steady way. Without the moon of the Earth our seasons will not be right for plant, human and animals. Without the moon, it will cause bad climates because it will not make the Earth’s titling of axis on a steady state which gives right seasons for the Earth. Why Earth has right temperature? It is because it is placed on the third position of the planetary system. If the Earth will be adjusted to a little distance toward the sun by specific length, then the Earth will be scorched or burned and no life will exist and if the Earth will be moved a little bit backward by specific length away from the sun, then the Earth will freeze and no life will survive. Why there are seasons of the Earth? It is because of the tilting of the axis of the Earth in 23.50. If this does not occur then we will not acquire perfect seasons for the Earth. The titling of the axis of the Earth gives way to produce plants in its own seasons making the animals and human keep to survive. The Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field will not become as to what they are as shield or protection of the Earth if they were only appeared by chance and without a will by someone. Without the layers of the atmosphere and the magnetic field of the Earth, life will not be possible on Earth. All of these were designed perfectly in order for the life on Earth exists. All were created and guided by law of nature which is defined and control by God. However, this law of nature of Earth is eventually confronted or affected by the will of man which causes climate change and extinction of different species on Earth giving bad results to everything on it. On the other hand, Earth’s destruction will not continue or reach its end by a global catastrophe for it was said in the Bible that those ruining the Earth will be destroyed (Revelation 11:18) and that the Earth will exist forever (Psalms 104:5). It was said in the Bible that God [Jehovah] created the heavens and the Earth – Genesis 1:1.

*NOTE:  The Bible states that the Earth was circle (oblate-spheroid in modern exact term) and is suspending upon nothing (floating in space) – Isaiah 40:22; Job 26:7. The book of Job and Isaiah were written long ago before it was known by some people that the Earth is circle i.e. during the time of Magellan in 15th century C.E. who is said to be the one who proves it by travelling on sea around the world according to history. It was believed before that the Earth is flat and that when you reach the ends of a sea seen by your eyes and exceed beyond its limit then you will fall below. It was in 16th century when Nicolaus Copernicus made a model of the solar system showing that the sun is the center of the solar system and that the Earth revolves around it. The book of Job was written from 1650 B.C. to 1473 B.C. and the book of Isaiah was written from 778 B.C. – 732 B.C. Therefore it had passed a long period of time before people got to know that the Earth was circle and is floating in the space of the universe. In fact, it was only in 19th century when it was proven clearly and seen by astronauts that the Earth is circle and is floating in space. Nowadays, pictures of the Earth as well as other heavenly bodies can be seen in many science books and can find over the internet sites. Is it not convincing that the Bible is true and that God really exist?



  1. fromthesunrising Says:

    Secrets of the Peat Bog
    What can peat bogs tell us about history?
    Peat moss, or sphagnum, produces large amounts of acids that kill decomposers, such as bacteria and fungi. As a result, dead sphagnum plants accumulate undecayed and form large deposits called peat bogs. Peat bogs cover about 1 percent of the Earth’s surface. Many countries burn peat as fuel. For example, the former Soviet Union’s annual harvest of more than 200 million tons of peat fuels almost 80 power plants. Ireland obtains more than 20 percent of its energy from peat, and the United States annually harvests more than 1 million tons of peat from 22 states.
    Because no decomposers can grow there, dead plants and animals are preserved and accumulate in peat bogs. The preservative effects of peat bogs have revealed secrets about past civilizations. For example, in the 1950s, several countries in northern Europe began mining peat as fuel. While dredging a bog, workers uncovered several hundred well-preserved human bodies. From the condition of the bodies, scientists think the humans had been sacrificed in religious ceremonies.
    Most bodies pulled from the bogs were 2000 to 3000 years old. Archaeologists gave them names, such as Lindow Man and Tollund Man, representing the geographical locations of bogs that were their grave. The most intensively studied of the bog people is Lindow Man, a fellow who lived about the time of Aristotle. Thanks to the preserving effects of the bog, archaeologists have also learned about musical instruments and household items of the 2000-year old civilizations.
    Subsequent excavations of bogs have yielded more than 2000 well-preserved bodies. As a result, scientists have learned things about people from their diet to their DNA. The preserved stomach contents of Tollund Man showed that his last meal was barley and linseed gruel. The DNA extracted from an 8000-year-old body from a Florida bog may be the oldest sample of human DNA.
    Humans have used peat moss as a soil conditioner, stuffing for furniture, packaging material for plants, medicine, and bandages. Today, as peat moss becomes an increasingly popular source of renewable fuel, we will learn more secrets of the peat bog.
    *** Essenfeld, Gontang, Moore. © 1996, Biology. 2nd edition. Addison-Wesley, p. 389

  2. fromthesunrising Says:

    The Florida bog is very interesting since it was said to be an 8000-year-old body. When analyzing the time of the first human (Adam) ever existed on Earth in light of the Holy Scriptures, it will point us that he lived around 4000 B.C. Therefore, the humankind exists for more than 6000 years. The Florida bog is not so far with this year suggesting that the human does not exist for more than 10,000 years. I have read a research article before which says that human genealogical time is around 5000 years only and they found it using computer-simulation based on the population today then going back to the first couple. I just hope I saved it on my files so I can post it also. But the complete study on that (their presentation) is on a research firm or on researchers which was not mentioned. The news article I have read was credible because it appears on an online journal. I hope there would be another study using computer-simulation of our present-time population going back to the original couple in the beginning of their time.

  3. fromthesunrising Says:

    Of course there was lapse on the time of Noah when deluge of water on earth happened but I believe still it can track back unto Adam and Eve using computer simulation method. I have lost the files already. The link is not available on my saved data.

  4. fromthesunrising Says:

    I mean I don’t remember the name of researchers about that particular study. I’ve lost the link.



  6. fromthesunrising Says:


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